Monday, June 22, 2009

Where we saw God: Sunday June 21

  • In the recognition of how blessed we are to be on this trip and the reminder to cherish this opportunity as a treasure
  • During the exchange of Christ’s peace when everyone moved around and greeted each other
  • In the faces of the children when they recognized Spencer—big, tall Spencer and such trusting, sweet children so delighted to see him
  • In the smiles of our group at the lunch table
  • In the goodness of the team work and cooperation
  • In watching a the simple, slightly boring “Jacob’s ladder” craft transformed when multiple kids put their ladders together to make garlands to decorate the church
  • In the welcome shown to a man with Down’s Syndrome at church and the feeling of connection when teaching him one of the crafts
  • In seeing Libby and Concepcion say mass together so everyone could understand
  • In the feeling “I love this place” and the deep sense of connection
  • In Sam and all the responsibility she was given and took in preparing the lessons today
  • In the incredible greeting and smile offered by a young woman working at the youth festival
  • In an old woman’s wistful question whether we had brought toothbrushes, because she remembered our previous visits and validated the good work we do
  • In the look of gratitude in the eyes of the grandmother of children at the Vacation Bible School


  1. We love your prose and pictures. Creates a virtual-Mission for those of us following along from home!

  2. Tell the children we are having Vacation Bible School at the same time! Last night we heard the story of Noah and tonight we will hear the story of Elijah. The children of Holy Comforter send their love and prayers to the mission team and your VBS kids!

  3. I love reading this blog and seeing the pictures. I can feel the love eminating from all of your smiles, laughter and commaraderie. We are all very proud of each and every one of you. All good. Lots and lots of love, Candace D. (i.e. Espenser's madre)