Friday, June 19, 2009

We've arrived!

Holy Comforter's Honduras Mission team gathered at National airport and wrangled our way through the baggage lines.  After a smooth flight from Washington to Miami, our flight to Honduras was very delayed due to an amazing thunderstorm.  

Despite a loooooong time in Miami International airport, 
everyone was in wonderful spirits.  The kids took the chance to work on their summer reading lists, and adults tried to fend off their millions of questions--some gentler than others.  

We arrived in San Pedro Sula at 1:00 am EST and given the storm, decided not to brave the roads and mudslides between here and Copan.  We are spending the night at the Gran Hotel Sula and will head to Copan first thing in the morning (more or less).


  1. Dear Libby,

    Thank you for posting a blog! It is so great to see and read about your adventures! Be safe and God Bless!

    Pat Worley

  2. Thank you so much for keeping us posted! Hope you had a restful night after your long day.
    Linda Murray

  3. Trying yet again to post to blog (hard w/o S's assistance, but then she's in Honduras just now). Must have been quite a passage girls were reading in layover book judging by S's expression. Keep blog posts and action photos coming! xo D