Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday's mobile clinic

Today was the first day of the mobile clinic. We climbed the beautiful Honduran mountains (in a truck, thankfully!) to arrive in a village that housed the church we painted last year. We set up a mini-clinic, with Sam and Katie doing intake, Dave and Lynne doing vital signs and triage,"Dr. Franco" from the Copan clinic diagnosing illnesses and writing "prescriptions," which Sharon, Libby, and Kathy dispensed from the supply we purchased from mission funds. Grey performed 100 tasks (as usual) including interpreting and deciphering the Dr's handwriting. (They scribble their prescriptions in Honduras too!). Though feeling ill, Melissa helped keep records of everyone we saw:  In three hours, we saw over 60 individuals and filled nearly 200 prescriptions!!  (And that was just the morning of our first day!) We were amazed by the needs and humbled by the graciousness of the people of this village...and of Hondurans in general. 

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  1. We're good for a replacement scoop at Neilson's! Thanks to you and to all who've made this a successful mission for those giving and receiving.