Thursday, June 25, 2009

Libby, Sam, and Sharon in San Pedro Sula

Los Tres Amigos were sad to leave Copan early, but we made it to SPS safely....only to arrive in the middle of a street festival and a workers' rights rally, right outside our hotel window! We visited the festival and listened to some great music, and laughed as an older gentleman took Libby's ice cream right out of her hands, smirking as he did so! (We will assume it's an ancient custom in welcoming obvious strangers to town!)  

Sam's Spanish is getting better every day; she chatted up the cab driver, Julio, in Spanish non-stop (the only way Sam knows how to talk!).   :)  He agreed to take us to the airport in the morning...bright and early, at 4am!

OK...we had to break from blogging to run to the balcony to watch the fireworks in the plaza across the street! (Can our brief visit to San Pedro Sula GET any more magical?!?!) We thoroughly enjoyed the mission trip, and delighted in our brief stayover in SPS. Back to the states (and "reality") tomorrow. Nighty night!
--Sharon McGroder

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