Monday, June 22, 2009

Our first day of work!

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Happy 16th Birthday Katherine!  Our very own Mariachi band serenaded Katherine right before we enjoyed a tres leches cake!

Everyone was very excited for our first day of work!  Four kids and four adults offered the first day of the business skills class and were thrilled to have 12 participants.  While they were teaching, some of our teens played with the children and offered mini-vacation Bible school 

Another team went up into the mountains outside Copan Ruinas to learn how to install clean-burning stoves.  It was remarkable to see how such steep mountains are farmed and work alongside a craftsman as he installed the stove. 

After demolishing the old stove that required 64 trees a month for one family to cook, we began to install the new stove that will only need 16 tree!  Add this to the health benefits for the family since all the smoke is piped out of the house and we felt very honored to be part of this project.  We took copious notes and pictures to make sure we do it correctly later in the week.  

A story from one of the kids: Today, After returning from Santa Rita, Dave asked if anyone wanted to go for a run--and Brittney and I did!  We ran through Copan and we decided to try to climb to the summit.  After a grueling climb, which we reached by taking old cow paths (yeah it was gross) Brittney began to battle her fear of heights to reach the top.  Dave and I had to encourage her but in the end she reached the top without much difficulty and we enjoyed our view.  Then we had to get down. After several attempts, we had to bushwhack a lot of the way down, which was really hard but a great story! --Sean Kelly

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  1. This is really interesting, love the pix and entries by all of you. What an exciting and worthwhile adventure!