Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dancing in the Rain

From really old Mayan temples to blow up beach balls, today was blessed with God’s presence. Early in the morning we woke up and went to the Mayan temples. Next, we spent a long day building stoves, playing with children and best of all riding in the back of pick up trucks. Just as we left the church it began to pour. The only thing to do was to go dancing in the rain. The day was full of laughs and love, but most importantly the embodiment of the Holy Spirit.  

--Catherine Belous

Catherine's post perfectly captures the highlights of today.  I *love* the picture of them dancing in the rain!  To me, it captures joy, freedom, innocence, friendship. Bliss.  

In addition to the group activities, I was very grateful to spend some time with Concepcion, united in our love for God and our discomfort with each other's native languages!  Through the power of the Spirit, we were able to communicate about future collaborations between our church.  I look forward to strengthening our friendship and witnessing the power of the Spirit working in our congregations. 

I continue to be inspired by the energy, openness, and love that our youths show for each other and for the children of Copan.  Our extraordinary adult chaperones on the trip have facilitated some transforming experiences for us all.  Kathy, Cindy, Lynne, Sharon, and Norm have been tireless in their support and energy for all the projects we are attempting. 

Today was bittersweet as three of us prepare to leave tomorrow. The kids promise to keep writing and I'll look forward to praying for them and beginning to plan Honduras 2010!  Blessings and love, Libby+

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