Friday, June 26, 2009

My New Home

Today was the best day we were here in my opinion. I started the day by completing a stove that we had built from scratch with two other workers. After enjoying a nice Coke from the family the new stove belongs to and eating a good lunch, we headed off in the back of Olman's truck to finish a new stove with Johny and Antonio. The best part of the day was visiting the local ice cream shop and having a nice ice cream cone with Olman, Parker, and Olivia. Next, we traveled to a local hotel in Santa Rita to play an intense soccer game with Concepcion, Olman, his brother, and another worker for the church. I cannot believe that this trip is almost over, and honestly, I do not want to leave. I am going to miss the place. Right now, it feels like home.

"Espencer" Dibblee

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